Brembana&Rolle Group can supply any TEMA type Heat Exchanger for almost all Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications. These units are manufactured in all workshops with a yearly capacity of approx.
9,000 tons. Typical construction materials which Brembana&Rolle Group deals with are CS, 1 1⁄4, 2 1⁄4, Nickel Alloy cladding, copper alloys, titanium.

High Pressure Exchangers

These Units are installed in Gas Treatment Plants, Refineries, Power Generation Plants. Brembana&Rolle can manufacture units with design pressures greater than 300 barg and temperatures greater than 500 °C.

Titanium & Nickel Alloy Heat Exchangers

Exotic base materials are used to manufacture special Heat Exchangers when Chemical Processes involve special products at high temperatures and pressures.

Texas Towers

These units are supplied as vertical Heat Exchangers in Catalytic and Hydro-Treatment processes.
Brembana&Rolle can manufacture vertical towers assembled in shop with lengths up to 30 m and weights up to 300 tons.


Brembana&Rolle Screw Plug Closure Heat Exchanger features a special threaded ring to hold the channel cover and contain channel pressure.

This technology eliminates the large channel cover flange and bolts of the conventional designs. The hydrostatic pressure load is taken by the channel body and not by heavy bolts. The bolts on the channel side are only sized for gasket compression loading allowing for a thinner channel design and reduction in the exchanger’s size and weight.

The special design of this Heat Exchanger offers:
• easy dismantling/reassembly for inspection;
• diaphragm gasket not welded;
• no bolted tube sheet.

Threaded section of a screw plug distributor
Heat Exchanger for hydrocracking application
A detail of the channel ring closure
Feed effluent Heat Exchanger
2 of 8
Weight: 78 t/each
Shell Side:
Material: SA 336 Gr11 CP3
Material: SA 336 Gr11 CP3 + WO 347
Tubes Side:
Material: SA 213-321
Refinery in Venezuela


The design uses expanded metal baffles (tube supports) made of plate materials that has been slit and expanded. The open structure results in a low hydraulic resistance and enhanced heat transfer. The EMbaffle® allows a longitudinal flow pattern, so that the tube vibration will not occur. In spite of the longitudinal flow, the grid shape generates a turbulence flow on its back side, determining an increase of the Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient. Playing with number and distance of baffles, our engineers can optimize the ratio between Δp and OHTC.
The EMbaffle® design, patented by B&R, offers strong potential benefits:

A detail of the EMbaffle® Heat Exchanger cage
made with the expanded metal.
Shell Side:
Material: SS304L
Tube Side:
Material: SS316L
A detail of EMbaffle® assembled bundle


A Waste Heat Recovery Unit or WHRU is an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from hot flows with potential high energy content, such as process hot flue gasses or steam from cooling towers or even waste water from various cooling processes such as in steel cooling. Hot water and/or saturated super-heated steam is produced, which can be used in a process or to drive a steam turbine.
A Waste Heat (gas) Recovery Unit turns an environmental liability into positive cash flow with very attractive ROI rates in many facilities.
• Reduced facility emissions
• Reduced purchased gas
• Zero impact on safety relief system
• Extended flare-tip life
• Reduced steam consumption
Thanks to in house developed softwares and HTRI/VGISim packages, Brembana&Rolle is able to support engineering companies as well as end users in the design and construction of the main WHRU system components, like Superheaters, Steam generators and steam Drums, Reaction chambers and Furnaces.
Brembana&Rolle is able to engineer including instruments/electrical and control HW/SW, and offer the complete supply package, boasting cooperation with primary companies including manufacturers of burners, exhaust gas stacks, refractory materials and local control panels/systems.

Heat Recovery Bundles
Weight: 20 t/each
Desulphuriser units in Italy
4x Waste Heat Boilers Packages including burner systems and control management reactor furnaces
Each: 65 WHB Steam Drum
Refinery in Middle East
N 1 Sulphur Combustor package including Waste Heat Boiler, Steam Drum, Risers & Downcomers, supplied with refractory and insulation installed
Refinery in Antwerp


Brembana&Rolle can supply heavy wall reactors such as Hydrocrackers, Hydrotreaters, CCR and Tubular for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications in all kinds of materials, including advanced low alloy steel 2/4 Cr 1/2 Mo V.
These units are mainly manufactured in the Albignasego (PD) workshop with and finally assembled at Marghera workshop with an annual total capacity of approx. 6,000 tons.

Tubular reactor
Dia: 5.4 m
Weigth: 220 t
Shell Side:
Material: P355NI
Tube Side:
Material: P265GH
Number: 20.100
Refinery in Hungary
Hydrotreater Reactor
Dim: 3.4 m dia.
38.0 m length
thk. 83+5 mm
320 tons
SA387 G.22 Cl. 2 + 347 WOL
Refinery in Italy.
Hydrotreater Reactor
Dim: 3.7 m dia.
39.0 m length
thk. 125+5 mm
400 tons
SA387 G.22 Cl. 2 + 347 WOL
Refinery in Italy.
CCR Platforming Reactor
Dia: 2.4 m
Length: 46.0 m
Weigth: 100 t
Material: SA387 G.22 Cl. 2 + 347 WOL
Thk: 30 mm
Refinery in India


Brembana&Rolle supplies all kind of columns and vessels including separators with process guarantee for FPSO and other off-shore projects.

Free water separator
Dia: 4.3 m
Length: 22 m
Weight: 80 t
Material: SA240UNS32750
Thk: 30 mm
FPSO in Brazil
HP Cold Separator
Dim: 3.1 m dia.
15.0 m length
thk. 200 mm
250 tons
Material: SA266 Cl. 2
Refinery in Greece.
Recycle Gas Scrubber
Dia: 2.4 / 2.9
Weight: 270 t
Material: A266 Cl. 2 + 304L WOL
Thk: 180 / 220 + 3 mm
Refinery in Middle East
Slug Catcher
Dia: 4.3 m
Weight: 400 t
Material: SA 516 Gr.65 + 625 WOL
Thk: 135 mm
Gas plant in the United Emirates
HP Adsorbing Tower
Dia: 4.6 m
Length: 20.0 m
Weight: 220 t
Material: SA533B Cl. 2
Thk: 94 mm
Gas Plant in Russia


Brembana&Rolle Group is approved by a number of worldwide Licensors for the supply of proprietary and critical equipments of Ammonia, Urea and other hydrocarbon processes. Some of the most important approvals are:
• Reactors, Urea Strippers, Separators, Carbamate Condensers for UREA by Saipem;
• Strippers, Carbamate Condensers for UREA by Toyo
• Secondary Reformer Waste Heat Boilers, Unitized Chillers, Steam Superheater for AMMONIA by KBR;
• Ammonia Converters, Secondary Reformers, HP Heat Exchangers for AMMONIA by AMMONIA Casale and Haldor Topsoe;
• Feed effluent Heat Exchangers for CATOFIN® Dehydrogenation processes
• Helixchangers®
• Helifin®
• Helitowers®

Carbamate Condensers
Licensor: Saipem
Shell side:
Material: SA 516 Gr.70
Pressure: 6 bar
Temp: 185 °C
Thk: 20 mm
Tube side:
Material: SA 765 Gr.IV + WD 310 MoLN
Pressure: 162 bar
Temp: 210 °C
Thk: 141 mm
Urea Plant in Nigeria
Unitized Chiller
Licensor: KBR
Shell slide:
Material: SA 516 Gr.70
Pressure: 15.4 bar
Temp: 65 °C
Thk: 35 mm
Tube side:
Material: SA 765 Gr.2
Pressure: 167 bar
Temp: 65 °C
Thk: 110 mm
Ammonia plant in Brazil
(KBR Proprietary equipment)
Secondary Reformer Waste Heat Boiler
Licensor: KBR
Shell slide:
Material: SA 387 Gr.11 Cl.2
Pressure: 42 bar
Temp: 399 °C
Thk: 40 mm
Tube side:
Material: SA 516 Gr.70
Pressure: 140 bar
Temp: 438 °C
Thk: 80 mm
Ammonia plant in Bangladesh
(KBR Proprietary equipment)


Brembana&Rolle Group supplies also Process Fired Heaters, internally designed through in house Software tools and thermal dynamic simulation program package (FRNC5) to check the operating Fired Heaters parameters (firing rate, efficiency, tube skin temperatures, process temperatures, heat duties and fluxes, etc.).
Box and cylindrical Radiant type can be manufactured in B&R workshops sites, and are supplied together with Burners, Burner Management Systems (BMS), Gas Skids, Instrumentation, Combustion Air Fans, Exhaust Gases Stacks, Walkways, Ladders and Platforms to have a complete Turn-On-Key package.

1 of Cylindrical Heater
Weight: 120 t approx (without refractory)
Oil Refinery in Qatar